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In 2009, founding CEO, David Magnan and his team launched the Andovia PaaS Application-Delivery Platform. It has been successfully implemented with several customers to date. This platform and the Andovia team represent a breakthrough in software development for enterprise insurance applications. The Andovia team, together with their PaaS platform and process, produced operational systems for their clients in a fraction of the time and at less than a third of the cost of conventional development methods.

Dave and his team have over 70 years of experience delivering IT technology solutions in the insurance industry.

Over the course of his career, Dave has successfully managed technology staff as an internal IT executive, commercial software company executive, and as a Principal Consultant for Pricewaterhouse. His experience spans the financial services, telco, health, and manufacturing industries.

Dave's understanding of current IT strategies and technologies has enabled him and his team to develop a unique perspective for leveraging existing computing science to deliver technologies faster, cheaper, with minimum risk of failure, and provide for an extended application investment shelf life.