How Andovia Helps CIOs drive out "Shadow IT" & Reduce App Backlog

IT development capacity never seems to be able to catch up and get ahead of the wishes of the business. Andovia's unique automated PaaS insurance platform, together with its insurance-expert team, enables enterprise applications to be developed in a small fraction of the time and cost of conventional develpment tools and methods. This can make it cost and resource feasible to replace ad hoc "Shadow IT" spreadsheets, Access databases and aging legacy systems.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Current desktop applications are not supported by Disaster Recovery (DR)  and Business Continuity (BC) plans, leaving the business vulnerable. Moving to an Andovia appliocation moves all these capabilities under the umbrella of the DR/BC plans.

Robust reporting

  • All accounts / Brokers / Agents / Underwriting Activity is reported.
  • All submissions, quotes (unbound and bound) are reported
  • Policy instance data and policy reporting database are provided by the system.
  • Reduces the need to bring up another data warehouse which saves cost and time.

Data Security

  • The actual application code meets industry secure-coding standards, as verified by standardized penetration tests and SANS coding standards compliance.
  • Data is encrypted at rest and encrypted in Transit
  • The business-context compiler code is tested for security compliance as part of Andovia’s core platform-release QA testing.
  • All libraries used during the build process are locked down and controlled by the application compiler.
  • Andovia’s core platform monitors all software library upgrades and only allows upgrades during core product releases. All library upgrades related to closing vulnerabilities are applied when they are released. All client applications are automatically recompiled and upgraded to the most current security patches of the platform, on a continuous basis.
  • Any vulnerabilities identified by individual customer security audits are addressed within the Security SLAs in our customer contracts and all customers receive any security upgrades automatically.