How Andovia Helps Chief Marketing Officers

The CMO's dream is to be able to try new markets rapidly, to respond to competition quickly and to be able to do this at a much lower cost than conventional IT demands. Andovia's rapid low-cost development PaaS (Platform as a Service), together with its insurance-expert team, makes time-to-operationally-ready at low cost realistic.

Andovia's system enables:

  • Rapid time-to-market for new products
  • Test markets to be set up quickly and affordably
  • Rapid iteration of functions for rapid learning 
  • "Test and learn" to be practical and affordable
  • Greater flexibility to grant preferred agents and brokers selective underwriting authority; empower your trusted partners to sell more
  • Frees new business staff to spend more time on client engagement and provide faster proposal turnaround. Raise sales productivity and client satisfaction.