How We Do it Faster and More Cost Effectively

People, Process and Technology are the three critical ingredients for successful IT projects.

People - Insurance Core Expertise

The founding CEO, David Magnan and his technology team have a success record in planning and managing projects in the insurance industry.

The team's experience spans the full life-cycle of Insurance: New business, Policy Maintenance, Claims, Reporting, and integration in:

  • P&C
  • Life
  • Health

Project Management Expertise for on-time, on-budget projects

  • Deliverables-Based CPM Estimating and Planning Disciplines
  • Deliverables-Based Project Management Status & Reporting Discipline

Andovia Business Requirements context structure expertise

  • Data Requirements Discipline
  • Workflow Requirements Discipline
  • User-experience requirements Discipline
  • Business-Rule Modeling & Capture Discipline

Process - Project Management Excellence

The Andovia team has over 70 years experience providing automation for insurance (P&C, Life, and Health insurance) operations. The team has deep domain knowledge, experience, and a solid track record using Critical Path (PERT/CPM) scheduling to estimate, plan, manage and deliver complex multimillion-dollar enterprise technology projects.

Andovia's Process maturity

Insurance standard Lifecycle analysis discipline

  • New Business
  • Policy Maintenance
  • Claims

Project Management discipline

  • Work break down & deliverable analysis
  • Task Dependency
  • Task-dependent schedule (project calendars)
  • Resource allocations
  • Resource leveled schedule (resource calendars)
  • Weekly status reporting (critical path < 5 days of float)

Andovia Business Requirements context structure Discipline

  • Normalized Data Models
  • Normalized BPM Workflow Models
  • Normalized User interfaces models
  • Normalized Business Rule UI tier Models
  • Normalized Business Rules process tier Models

Technology - Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Andovia has discovered, developed, and patented (patent pending) a computer-science breakthrough technology that allows the iterative-configuration, build, and deployment of applications in one-third of the time, with dramatically lower cost resources than conventional software development. There is no manual code creation in this process.

Andovia's PaaS is a breakthrough in the field of enterprise software development. The Andovia team can drive this Platform with your requirements and their platform will generate each version of the software for your application. Due to this approach, there is no need for regression testing and therefore many more small iterations of functionality can be tried more frequently, than the more rigid, time-consuming and costly conventional development methodologies.