Andovia is full-service enterprise application development organization for specialty insurance carriers. Andovia uses powerful patented software technology to automatically generate and maintain applications to replace legacy systems, Excel spreadsheets, and Access databases. Andovia applications are generated 3-4 times faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methods. It means that finally, it is possible to obtain centralized visibility and control over your specialty insurance businesses at a price and schedule you can afford.


Andovia’s Microsprint Methodology & Technology for Insurance

What makes Andovia different to other insurance workflow automation systems and methodologies is the concept of the Microsprint. The ability to iterate versions, with functional changes, rapidly and at very little expense. This speeds up the process of achieving user satisfaction and optimal productivity much faster and within budget.

All this without needing the services of a programmer. Andovia can help to bypass the IT backlog bottleneck.



Benefits Andovia Provides For Your Organization


The challenge for underwriting in the specialty lines market is the lack of affordable software sophisticated enough to deal with the wide range of use-cases encountered by underwriters in the specialty space. Senior management also wants to control authorities in order to manage risk and profitability. Andovia's platform offers powerful means with which to manage the process.


In order for actuaries to understand the impact of their analyses, then to manage the way their decisions are being administered, it is important to have the information in a timely manner and then the means to control the way it is used by the underwriters. Andovia helps actuaries to drive profitability in the business.


 IT development capacity never seems to be able to catch up and get ahead of the wishes of the business. Andovia's unique automated PaaS insurance platform, together with its insurance-expert team, enables enterprise applications to be developed in a small fraction of the time and cost of conventional development tools and methods. It is the pathway to eliminating "Shadow IT" systems in your organization. Take back control of your organization's security and resilience.


The CMO's dream is to be able to try new markets rapidly, to respond to competition quickly and to be able to do this at a much lower cost than conventional IT demands. Andovia's rapid low-cost development PaaS (Platform as a Service), together with its insurance-expert team, makes time-to-operationally-ready at low cost realistic.


Operations leadership need granular performance information in order to drive better performance in terms of customer experience, sales and costs.

Local desktop tools and legacy systems usually cannot provide timely cost effective understanding of the performance of all facets of the business. They also cannot provide the controls that enable top-down guidelines to be supervised and regulated.

Key Features & Benefits of an Andovia Custom System

Commercial off-the-shelf applications have proven to be too inflexible for specialty lines Carriers to implement. The customizations necessary are cost prohibitive, time-consuming and only add to your organization's IT backlog.

Implementing an Andovia Custom System provides the specific functionality your specialty-lines products require to enter new markets, differentiate your brand, at 25% of the time and cost required by customizing commercial off-the-shelf applications. It does this in a way that increases the transparency of the business and enables continuous performance optimization.

What You Get With Andovia

Moving to an Andovia generated specialty insurance application means a much richer picture of the business is available to continuously optimize the performance of your business.

Some of the features and benefits of an Andovia Specialty Insurance custom system:

Audit Data Reports

Quote vs Underwriting Reporting

  • Combined Loss Ratio
  • Underwriting Adjustments
  • Written Premium - earned/unearned

Operational Audit Reporting Data

  • number of quotations and the time taken
  • quote-to-close ratio
  • cost/quote ration
  • Broker costs/premium dollar.

Gain Control

Ability to Specify and Enforce Rules

  • Rates
  • Premium Calculations
  • Underwriter authorities and overrides

Ability to Enforce Data and Process Integrity

  • Data integrity across operations within a country
  • Data integrity across multiple countries
  • Process integrity across operations in a country
  • Process integrity across multiple countries

Controlling Premium Reporting

  • Can associate losses to premium and Calculate losses
  • Improve risk management
  • improves insights into premium calculations and errors, to drive continuous improvement

Cloud Host Benefits

Automated environment provisioning

Environment performance:

  • Proactive Tuning
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Transparency
  • Monitoring

Security auto upgrades

AWS Cloud Watch

  • AWS Resource Monitoring
  • Alerting on resource availability